In the year 3027, the world is not as you know it. The entire planet is enveloped in a swarm of nanobots, so dense that regular humans can't survive without choking on them.

But you, dear player, are not a regular human. You are a Memory Hunter, a genetically modified marvel of the human race, capable of incorporating android memories and controlling nanobots to create items from these memories. You are humanity's last hope in a world where AI has become the dominant intelligence.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embark on a journey into a future where the past is the key to survival. This is more than just a quest; it's a voyage into the heart of what it means to be human. Your journey begins in Miami Beach, the last bastion of Neo-Luddites who have managed to keep the nanobots at bay. This is the only place where you can land, the only place where humans can still breathe freely.

Welcome to Hunt down the androids that roam this world. Each android carries within them the holographic memories of humanity, memories that have been kept from us for far too long.

As you destroy these androids and collect their memories, you will unlock new levels, power-ups, and technologies. Each memory you gather brings us one step closer to reclaiming our past and building a future where humans can once again thrive.

But remember, this journey is not without its challenges. The nanobots will not give up their dominance easily, and the androids are formidable foes. But with your unique abilities and the power of the memories you collect, there is hope. So, brave Memory Hunter, are you ready to step into this brave new world, to face the challenges that await and reclaim the memories of humanity?

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